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The Futile Propaganda of the Morale Sagging Enemy

When America invaded Afghanistan in 2001, bringing together 54 other countries, in addition to some domestic pro-colonialist stooges who offered them their service, this emboldened the invaders to think that it was the time to suppress the spirit of Islam and independence among the Afghans. They believed that whatever they were going to do, no one would rise against them. But, their calculations were based on materialistic reasons, because contrary to the previous Jihad against the Red Army of the former Soviet Union, this time neither the world extended their sympathy toward Mujahideen nor offered media, financial and political support. Rather the Mujahideen were empty-handed. There was no place or resource to train and treat the Mujahideen. These reasons made invaders more daring, arrogant and imbecile. They forgot their pledges and slogans of human rights and freedom of speech in Afghanistan. Moreover, they filled prisons with innocent Afghans on the basis of baseless reports; even they martyred Afghans in the courtyards of their houses. The invaders installed a corrupt, brutal and unjust administration so that to punish the Afghan nation for their jihad and resistance. But, the Mujahid Afghan nation, who firmly believed in the following verse of the Holy Quran rose with strong determination against the colonialist monsters.
Almighty Allah says:
“But those of them who believed that they would meet Allah (on Judgment Day) replied: How often a small force has, by Allah’s grace, overcome a big one? Allah is with the steadfast”. (Chapter 2, Verse 249)
Soon, outcome of this Holy verse practically appeared. All sophisticated weapons of the invaders and their Allies, influx of troops, propaganda machine, intelligence conspiracies and their providing of distorted information to the world utterly failed. The said endeavors could not help prevent the emergence and advancement of Jihadic resistance of the Afghan nation. Now, after one and a half decade of jihad, all rural areas and most of the district headquarters of the country except big cities of Afghanistan are under the control of the Islamic Emirate. Mujahideen have access and using those weapons which are in the disposal of the enemy. Each day, soldiers of the Kabul Administration join Mujahideen after realization of realities. Similarly, due to good behavior of the Mujahideen, they are also encouraging other colleagues to join Mujahideen. This fact and the recent victories of the Mujahideen have created panic among internal and external enemies of the Islamic Emirate. So, in their state of uncertainty, the assertions of the Spokesman of NATO that Taliban had been weakened or divided or the assertions of the Kabul Administrations that Taliban were destroying places of public benefits are mere baseless rhetoric contrary to ground realities.
We want to tell the invaders and their domestic Allies to stop futile propaganda and conspiracies. Instead of that, it will be better to concede to the legitimate rights of the Afghan Mujahid nation. This is the solution of the issue. Otherwise, by the Grace of the Almighty Allah and with the support of the people and due to the sagacity of Mujhideen, If Allah, the Almighty wills, your recent conspiracies, propagandas and efforts will also fail like the previous ones.

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  1. the taliban are shit. the taliban are taking too long. the muslim ummah cannot rely on the taliban because at this snail’s pace we will have to wait 2.5 – 3 years for a taliban victory. the only hope for the muslim ummah is jabhat fateh al sham. when daesh are defeated in mosul soon and are then wiped out in syria soon after, jabhat fateh al sham will blitz through syria and conquer syria and then create a caliphate + destroy israel.


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