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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, an Entity Embodying the People’s Aspirations

Recently the Islamic Emirate published a statement regarding protection of national projects in the beloved country, instructing Mujahideen that all national projects which follow the guidelines of the Islamic Emirate should not be opposed; rather full support should be extended for their protection. In fact, national projects are not anyone’s private property. It is a national asset that contributes to prosperity of people and development of the country. But sometimes the invading troops and their puppet allies in Afghanistan cause harm to places of public benefits and national projects and then level allegation against Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate. Thus they want to cash in on the innocent sentiments of the people and to create rift between the Islamic Emirate and the nation. There are many examples of the invaders and their stooges committing such acts therefore it is important for the Islamic Emirate to clarify its stance. The Islamic Emirate has taken up arms to end the occupation and establish an Islamic system. Due to the blessings of the Almighty Allah and the tireless support of the nation, it wants to reach this lofty objective. Furthermore the Islamic Emirate is not against education and national projects in the country as per Islamic principles. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is an entity embodying the people’s aspirations. It caters to all legitimate demands of the people. The Islamic Emirate is currently giving sacrifices in the cause of independence of the country, which is the demand of the Muslim Afghan nation. All true sons of the nation have come together in the ranks and files of this entity.

We know that the invaders and their domestic allies are carrying out propaganda and intelligence war against the Islamic Emirate alongside its military campaign. They commit every illegitimate act for continuation of the occupation and prolongation of their power. Similarly they do not lose any opportunity to perpetrate illegitimate acts or level allegation however the Islamic Emirate assures its people that contrary to the malicious propaganda of the enemy, we are committed to all efforts which accommodate our Islamic and national interests and ensure establishment of a genuine Islamic system in Afghanistan, being free from colonialism. The entire Afghan Muslim nation has equal responsibility to accomplish this obligation. Whether they are religious scholars, students of religious seminaries, university students or Afghans working in other walks of life, they should work to combine their efforts to obtain a united, independent and Islamic Afghanistan in order to enable us reach our shared goal. And this is not a hard task for Allah to accomplish.


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