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4 killed and wounded amid Kandahar operations

KANDAHAR, Jan. 10 – Reports arriving from Maiwnad district of southern Kandahar province state that an enemy trooper was killed after being tactically attacked by Mujahideen while trying to deactivate a Mujahideen landmine attack in Kalanchikey area of the said district earlier today.
In another report, at least 3 police were deadly wounded after Being hit by Mujahideen missiles in Maruf district administration center midday on Monday.
It must be mentioned that during last three days as many as 13 gunmen have been killed and wounded and 2 rangers, 5 motorbikes and a heavy machine gun destroyed by Mujahideen missiles attack in the said district.
Also in Maruf district, enemy has fled and abandoned one of their post in Samchak area overnight due to fear of Mujahideen attacks.


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